Installing VMWare Horizon Remote Lab Access for Windows


This document will go over how to set up VMWare Horizon on a Windows machine. See this article for installation on a Mac machine. 


When you are done using ViewPortal, please log off so that these resources are freed up for another student to use.

The proper way to log off of ViewPortal is to choose the “Disconnect and Log Off” option. This releases the computer for use by another person. You can also use the Windows "log off" function as well. If the window is closed, your session will remain active for a few hours. After this period, it will automatically reset to like it was when you first logged in. 

Step 1 – Obtain Installer

The VMware Horizon installer is available for download at

Once you are on that web page, click “Install VMware Horizon Client.”

Clicking “Install VMware Horizon Client” will bring up the official VMware Horizon Downloads page. You must click “Go to Downloads” next to the entry for VMware Horizon Client for Windows

Once we click “Go to Downloads,” we see the download option for the Horizon client. Click on the blue ‘Download’ button.


Step 2 – Install VMware Horizon Client

Once the executable has finished downloading, run it by right-clicking the VMware-Horizon-Client file in your Downloads folder, and then clicking “Run as Administrator.” Once the installer runs, it will arise a VMware Horizon initial setup page, click “Agree & Install”

Once the installer completes, VMware Horizon requests a system restart to complete its installation. Go ahead and click “Restart Now” to complete the installation.


Step 3 – Set up access on VMware Horizon

Now that you’ve restarted your machine, VMware Horizon will have successfully installed to your computer. The next step is to run the program, open up the Windows Start Menu by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard, or clicking the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. Typing “VMware” should arise the proper application, like so:

Click on the VMware Horizon application or just hit enter, and it will show you a blank page that has a button for “add server.” Go ahead and click on it, and enter in the connection server as

Now your screen should look like the following:

Click "connect" - your default web browser will open, and direct you to the Champlain login page. Click the "Sign into Champlain using Google" button. 

Important - please make sure you are logged in using your Champlain Google account. This will not work with a personal account. 

Next, you may be prompted to open the previously installed Horizon client. Click "Open VMWare Horizon Client", and check the "always allow" box if you will be doing this process frequently to avoid this step in the future.


Once the program opens, you will again need to enter your Champlain password. The *DefaultDomain* option is expected, please do not modify it.



Click ‘login’ and look at the options you have. Double click one to open it. The screenshot below is an example of some options available, though your screen of choices may appear different:


Finally, the virtual instance will launch. It may become full screen, so you can use the options menu at the top to change this if you do not want it to take over your full screen. 




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