Our Offices and Services website uses a Group system to manage content and permissions. This system works a bit differently than editing on other Drupal websites we run, so you should familiarize yourself with its differences if you are editing the Offices and Services site.

Adding Content

To add new content to the site, visit your group’s homepage. You can get to this by browsing the list on the main Offices and Services page and clicking on the name of your office or department. Once there, click Edit Group in the admin bar at the top of the screen and then click Content.

  1. If you’re not already logged in to the site:
    1. Browse to the Offices and Services homepage.
    2. Click the Site-Editor Login link at the bottom right.
    3. Enter your credentials.
  2. Browse to the homepage of your office.
  3. Click Edit Group in the black admin bar at the top of the screen.
  4. Click Content in the white admin bar at the top of the screen.
  5. Click the + Add group content button.

A screenshot of the admin bar showing the options for editing the group homepage, including Content.

Editing Group Information

To change the basic information about your office or department, browse to its homepage, click Edit Group in the admin bar at the top of the page, then click Edit. This will bring you to a special interface for editing the group information.

Title and URLs

The Title of your group is the name which will be displayed in the breadcrumb and, by default, on the homepage of Offices and Services. If you would like a different name to be displayed on the homepage, you can enter that in Title for Directory. A common use for this is to remove the “Office of” from the text which appears on the directory, but keep it in other places.

The URL alias will be automatically generated based on the Title of your group. As with the homepage directory, it is common to overwrite this with a custom URL to remove “office-of” from the URL which is generated. Once this has been set up do not change the URL alias. The menu shown on your site is based on this and needs to be configured on the back-end. If you change the URL after it is set up, your menu will disappear.

The External URL field allows you to redirect your entire site to a different location. This is used for offices which have not yet completed the migration to the new system or for services which have external websites, such as the Bookstore.

You may also choose to set Hide from homepage listing to remove your group from the directory. This is usually done for offices and services which are still building out their site.

Front Page and Categories

You must set a Front Page for your office. This will be a piece of Group Content you have already created and can be Basic Content or Top Level content. This page will typically be at the top of your group’s menu.

You can also set Categories for your group. This determines which sections your group appears in on the homepage listing. There is a preapproved list of Categories which includes:

  • Academics
  • Administration
  • Admissions
  • Campus Services
  • Health and Safety
  • News
  • Schools and Programs
  • Student Life
  • Technology


If your office has a Newsroom, you will need to associate it with the group. Begin typing the name of the Newsroom and select the one that it in your group from the list that appears. If your Newsroom has categories associated with it, you also need to select that from the list of Newsroom Tags.

Call to Action

Each office can have one call to action that will be shown in the sidebar on every page, or at the bottom of the office’s homepage. For example, the call to action in this help site is the sidebar item with a button to create a helpdesk ticket. The call to action can have a Title, which will be shown in bold, a short Blurb of explanatory text, and a link, which will be drawn as a button.

Contact Information

You can list multiple methods of contacting your group. These include Email, Telephone, Address, and Social Media. This information will be shown on the homepage of the Offices and Services site as well as in the sidebar of every page on your group’s site, below the menu.

In the Telephone section, you can include multiple phone numbers and give a Type to each of the numbers. This is useful if your office has more than one phone line, or if you provide TTY service. This should not be used to list individual contact information for each person in your office. Use a Profile Listing in your office site for that purpose.


If your office maintains social media accounts, you can link to them here and they will appear as icon links in the sidebar of your site. We support links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Video, and YouTube.


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