Technology Guide - Summer 2022

Welcome to Middlebury!

Information Technology Services extends a warm virtual welcome!  We offer the following information about our computer resources and support to help you get started as smoothly as possible no matter where you may be located.

Need Help? ( code for Helpdesk

The ITS Technology Helpdesk is still here to help with your computing needs.  You can reach us Mon - Fri, 8:00 am - 7:30 pm; Sat 10 am – 4:30 pm; Sun Noon – 7:30 pm, as follows:

In the Wilson Media Lab DLINQ interns will be available to offer support to students via drop-in hours and by scheduling a consultation. DLINQ interns can help students with a variety of remote teaching & learning tools and practices, as well as digital and multimedia tools, including Zoom, Panopto, Canvas, WordPress, and others. Students needing assistance with multimedia projects for their classes are encouraged to connect with a DLINQ intern early in the project process.

What’s New This Summer?

Zoom Phone for Employees (

Phone service is transitioning to Zoom. This offers an improved softphone experience from laptops and mobile devies. Offers SMS text messaging from primary and shared lines. Automated and manual call blocking, reducing SPAM and other unwanted calls. 

Virtual Labs (

A new tool called Apporto is available for use.  It provides access to virtual software and desktops through a web browser without the need for VPN or a desktop client. Refer to our service catalog listing of applications currently available through Apporto. To try out Apporto, visit then sign in with your Middlebury credentials.  See Apporto Info and Resources to learn more.

Printing (

You will see print queues named MiddColor and MiddBW.  The MiddBW queue will default to black and white, double-sided; the MiddColor queue will produce color, single-sided prints to align with the most common use of color for signs and graphs.  You can change these default settings on screen or at the printer by adjusting the single or double-sided options.  Our How to Print instructions will help you get started. Visit http://go/print/ for information about printing on campus and how to manage your printing account.  Check out http://go/howtoprint/ for specifics about how to send a print job from your own computer using our mobility print service.

E-mail (

All students, faculty, and staff have a cloud-hosted Exchange e-mail account.  E-mail is the standard messaging method at Middlebury College.  It is your responsibility to monitor your e-mail for communications.  These accounts are retained for at least six months after you leave Middlebury.

Use GO to Navigate Our Website

GO is a utility that provides a fast way to navigate to many common services on the Middlebury website.  To use it, type a GO Shortcut (such as into your browser’s Address field. You will have immediate access to the pages you want to use.  There are hundreds of registered GO shortcuts; visit to explore or create your own. Try these:

To view this website

Type this when ON-campus network

Type this when OFF-campus

BannerWeb (course schedule, finances, grades, and more)

http://go/bw/ (or go/bw/)

Canvas Help

http://go/canvashelp/ (or go/canvashelp/) 

College Directory

http://go/dir/ (or go/dir/)

Foreign Language Input

http://go/languageinput/ (or go/languageinput/)

Which MFA Setup Should I Choose?

http://go/whichmfa/ (or go/whichmfa/)

Course Content & Resources Via the Course Hub (

The Course Hub is Middlebury College's gateway to course content for students and faculty.  The Semester Dashboard shows you the resources for all your registered courses – at a glance you can see course websites, electronic reserves, and any other connected resource.

For help with our learning management system, Canvas, see the Canvas Quick Overview for Students (http://go/CanvasStudentQuickguide/).

File Storage (

All faculty, staff, and students can store files in Middlebury’s OneDrive and/or Google Drive cloud accounts using their Middlebury e-mail address and password.  The contents of your cloud storage accounts are deleted after you leave Middlebury.  Visit to learn about these storage options.  We strongly recommend use of Middlebury’s cloud storage because:

  • They provide robust, password-protected storage for your important documents.

  • Automatic synchronization of specified folders to and from the cloud protects your work.  Files are backed up effortlessly so they can be retrieved in case of a virus or hardware failure.  File revision history allows you to revert to a previous version, if needed.

  • Cloud storage is accessible from any networked computer, anywhere.

Connecting to Wireless (

You can connect to our secure wireless network, MiddleburyCollege, using your Middlebury account ( and password.  Connection to the campus network allows access to our e-mail system, cloud storage, and to the Internet.


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