The Video component is used to add an video player to accompany the text on the page. We support videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or Panopto. The Add New Media and Add Existing Media dialogs work the same as with the Image component.

When the page first loads, we show an image in place of the video player. Clicking the image will load the video player and start playing. We do this to speed up the initial page load time as loading an image is faster than an embedded player, which is not needed until the user wants to interact with it. We will automatically pull in the splash image from the video provider, but you may also use the Image field to override this with your own image, which will be shown at 1280x720 resolution.

Rather than a caption, the Video component has a Blurb field which allows you to add a few sentences to introduce the video clip. There is also a field for a Transcript of the audio, for people who are not able to listen. This should always be included to meet our Web Accessibility best practice.

Screen-shot of the video component edit form showing all of its form fields.




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