Mac Wifi Certificate Reset


If you enter the wrong password for the Champlain Wifi when setting up your connection, or you change your password after configuring your Mac for the Champlain network, you will need to perform the following to reset your connection. MacOS saves your wifi password to automatically reconnect, but it must be manually cleared to change it.

This process is also necessary if you receive the error "the network could not be joined, please try again or move closer to the router"

If you have not joined the WiFi network successfully, or if your computer receives this error before fully joining for the first time, please skip ahead to step 4.

Step 1

Open the Settings app on your Mac

Step 2

Navigate to the Wifi section, then look under Saved Networks for Champlain

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Step 3

Click the 3 dots next to Champlain, then "forget network"

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Step 4

Click the search icon in the top bar of your Mac, or press the Command and Space keys together on your keyboard to open Spotlight Search

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Step 5

Search for Keychain Access, and press Enter or Return to open the application

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Step 6

In the Keychain Access application, click the "login" option in the top left, then scroll through the list and look for any blue certificate options named ""

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Step 7

Select each entry, and right-click (two fingers on the trackpad, or command + click) to show the options. Delete each entry, and enter your password to confirm if prompted. This will fully remove your saved password and allow you to re-connect.

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Step 8

Done! You may now try re-connecting to the Champlain wifi. Please see this article, linked here, with steps to re-connect if needed.



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