ImageNow: Poor Quality Images from ImageNow Printer

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Images viewed within the ImageNow Document Viewer are of very poor quality, almost to the point of being illegible without significant zooming.



This problem can be caused by either an incorrect setting in the “View” menu of the Document Viewer, or incorrect settings for the ImageNow printer.


To correct the “View” setting:

  1. Open an ImageNow document with the Document Viewer.

  2. Click “View” from the toolbar.

  3. Ensure that “Smooth” is selected.

  4. If “Smooth” is not selected, selecting it will take effect immediately and may solve the issue.


ImageNow Printer settings:

Documents that are either scanned or already in PDF format that have a shaded background, are water-marked, or both, may not render properly when printed to the ImageNow printer. 

Check the following:

  1. If printing from Google Chrome, open the “More Settings” dialog from the printing dialog box within Chrome.

  2. Ensure that the “Quality” option is set to 600dpi. (At this point, the setting only seems to matter when printing from Chrome)

  3. Open "inowprint.ini" in a text editor. This file is located by default at either c:\Program Files\ImageNow6\inowprint.ini or
    c:\Program Files (x86)\ImageNow6\inowprint.ini for 64-bit environments.

  4. Change the Color reduction= parameter to the following: Color reduction=grey

  5. Save the "inowprint.ini" file.

  6. Close and re-open the Perceptive Client and reprocess the document.


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