Mapping a Network Drive on a Windows Computer

Network Drives are shared network locations that are accessible by multiple employees. They are often used to share files between departments. If you get a new computer, gain access to a new network drive, or the network drive disappears, you can re-add it using the steps below. 


NOTE: You will need the FULL file path of the Network Drive. As the letters are arbitrary and set while mapping, they might not provide full info to know the full path. A path is typically something like \\cosmos\adminshared\xyz. If you do not know the path, you may be able to check with a coworker with the same access and get the path from them. 


  1. If you are not already logged in, log in to your Windows Machine. 
  2. Open "File Explorer" by clicking an icon on your task bar, or hitting the Windows key, and selecting "Documents" under where it says your name
  3. Select "This PC" or "My Computer" on the left menu. 
  4. Along the top bar, select the "Computer" tab. 
  5. Select "Map network drive"Option to select "Map network drive" located in the network section of the "Computer" tab in file explorer.
  6. Select a letter. These letters are arbitrary and will not make or break a network drive, but you can select what others use if that makes it easier for you. 
  7. Enter the folder path, such as \\cosmos\adminshared\xyz. This will need to be exact or it may not work. If you do not know the full path, sometimes you can enter the first part of it (ie, \\cosmos\adminshared) into the address bar of file explorer to view what you have access to. A window specifying what network folder you would like to map, including the drive letter and the folder location.
  8. Select "Finish" 
  9. You can now browse to "This PC" in File Explorer and view the network drive there. 

If you do not have access to a folder that you need, you will need to submit a ticket to Champsupport via the Support Page or email

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