Microsoft Office Fac/Staff Home Use Program

Champlain Account Download

To download a copy of Microsoft Office for a personal home computer, simply complete the following:

1. Navigate to the Microsoft Office portal, linked here, and sign in with your Champlain email address.


2. Once signed in, click the "Install Office" button in the top right corner of the screen. 


3. Follow the prompts to download and run the installer package. Make sure to click "yes" or "allow" if prompted.

4. The installer should work on its own and complete automatically. Once done, search your computer to open an Office program like Word or PowerPoint. 

When asked for a license, make sure to select an option for an Office account. Sign in on this screen with your Champlain email, similar to the process shown above. Your sign-in should issue a license to the Office suite and enable full functionality with these programs.


Home Use - Independent download

If you would like to purchase a discounted license for a home computer and thus not keep a link to your Champlain account, you may also use the Microsoft Workplace Discount program. More information is at the link here, which will also walk through steps to purchase and activate the products. 


Questions about this process or trouble with the installation? Please reach out to the ChampSupport helpdesk team by submitting a ticket from the main support page



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