Adobe Creative Cloud for Faculty and Staff

License Information:

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite licenses have been made available for all CCM faculty and Marketing staff. Faculty and Staff not in those departments but in positions requiring this software may request licenses by contacting Champ Support at

These licenses permit access to the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications on Champlain College computers, virtual machines accessible through, and on personally owned computers. Programs in this suite include Adobe Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Intune, Indesign, and many others. 

If you are in a department that already has a license, or you have requested a license from ChampSupport and have received confirmation, please proceed with the next steps to install the software.


Installing Adobe Creative Cloud:

To install Adobe Creative Cloud programs, you first need the generic Launcher utility, which may be downloaded from this website, linked here

Click the "Download Creative Cloud" button, then run the program to start the installation. 

You should now see a downloaded file, either in the bottom bar or wherever your browser displays your active downloads. Click the file to start the installation process.

Next, you'll be prompted to sign in with your browser. Click the Continue button, then make sure you use the same browser where your Champlain account is already logged in. In most cases, this should happen automatically.

If prompted, make sure to click the "Sign in with Google" option, and use your email address.

Depending on your account setup, you may also be prompted to select a type of account. Please click "Enterprise Account" to use the Champlain license assigned to you.


Once selected, you should be returned to the Adobe installer. This program will take some time to complete installing, so make sure to leave your computer powered on and connected to the internet during this process. You also may see a couple questions presented during the installation. You may answer them to tailor your Adobe experience, or simply "skip" them with the appropriate option.

Finally, after the installation completes, you'll be brought to the main Creative Cloud launcher. From this screen, you can begin installing any apps you need for your work. 

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If you have any questions or issues with this process, please reach out to the ChampSupport team at (802) 860-2710, or by submitting a service request through this online portal.


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