Campus Phone Use and Instructions

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Phone Instructions

Please follow the steps in the Zoom Account Setup article first so you can log in properly to use Zoom Phone. 

If you do not see the Phone option in your Zoom app, please double-check your Champlain email for an invitation to "Activate your Zoom Account" which should then include the license for full meeting and phone functionality. 

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Zoom provides a simple guided tour of their phone functionality via their support article, linked here. They also include a short video to outline how to get started with making & receiving calls, checking voicemail, and other features. 

Voicemail Setup

Voicemail recordings in Zoom are easily accessible via the "Voicemail" tab in the Zoom desktop or mobile app. Each voicemail includes the recording of the message, a transcript (when possible) and details like phone number and date/time when the message arrived. 

Zoom also sends an email with the transcript and recording to your Champlain email inbox upon receipt. 


To add a personalized voicemail greeting, please visit the Zoom settings website, linked here

Scroll down to the Call Handling section:

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Click "edit", then "Add Audio"

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Next, click "record by computer" and fill out the settings as you like, or you may simply match settings as shown here:

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Clicking the red button will allow you to record your voicemail greeting from your computer. It is recommended to use a headset or other external microphone device during this step. 

Upon saving this audio, your voicemail greeting will be set! You can use this menu to record other greetings, like an out of office or vacation response. Use the "Choose from Asset Library" option on the previous page if you ever wish to change your greeting to another one that you already recorded. 


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