VMware Academic Software

VMware has recently changed how their academic software can be accessed. It is no longer available through OnTheHub and now must be accessed by following the steps below.

Only students in certain classes that need VMware software for course work will be able to register for a VMware IT Academy Account which is used to get licenses.



If you are enrolled in a class that needs VMware software, you would have received a welcome email from "info@itacademy.brightspace.com". Click the link in that email and then register your VMware IT Academy account.

Using that IT Academy account, head to this page to request a key for the software you want.

The key will be emailed to you within 12 hours (usually very quickly).



You will now need to register a separate free account on my.vmware.com in order to download the actual software.

Head to this page to create an account.

With that account you can use the links below to download software

Direct Links for Software Download 


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