Finding a Papercut printer on campus

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PaperCut is a server client piece of software that allows students to print to a generic print queue from any computer and then retrieve their print job using their Champlain Credentials from any PaperCut enabled printer. Just look for the ID Card swipe unit attached to the printer to see if it’s got PaperCut enabled.

Important – You must first print from a Champlain College Computer to PaperCut, or log in manually with your AD credentials in order to be able to swipe card login. This process creates your account and during your account creation associates your card ID number with your AD account.



  • Between the Mail Center and Campus Store (Color MFP)

Ireland/Stiller Building

  • 015 (open Mac lab)


  • outside room 117


  • EMC (MFP)

Metz Barn

  • First Floor (Color MFP)

Miller Information Commons (MIC/Library)

  • Ground Floor common area printer
  • 1st Floor common area printer (MFP)
  • 2nd Floor lab printer
  • 3rd Floor common area printer

How to Identify a Papercut Enabled Printer

To easily spot a PaperCut printer look for one of two things.

  1. If the printer is a single function printer, meaning it only prints documents and doesn’t scan or have any other features, look for a card swipe device. It will be attached to the printer and looks like this 
  2. If the printer is a multi function unit look at the LCD an see if it has a PaperCut Login Prompt. It would look like this if there were a card swipe device attached:

Web Print

PaperCut Web Print is a great way to send a file to the printers from a personal device. To use it, you must be on campus. Simply log in with your Champlain username & password, then   Some things to know about this feature;

  • Currently there is a 12 hour hold queue, it keeps the server’s drive from filling up by kicking out jobs that haven’t been printed.
  • This feature is format specific, there is a concise list as you click through the process but in general PDF files, pictures, and Office documents can be printed with this feature.

Print from thumb drive

The Kyocera TASKalfa 4501i is one printer model that has this features. The easiest way to know if this is a feature of the printer you’re using is to log into the PaperCut interface on the printer and look for an icon that looks like a USB drive.Compatibility notes

  • PDF file (Version 1.7 or older)
  • TIFF file (TIFF V6/TTN2 format)
  • JPEG file
  • XPS file
  • Encrypted PDF file
  • PDF files you wish to print should have an extension (.pdf).
  • Files to be printed should be saved no further down than the top 3 folder levels, including the root folder.
  • Use USB memory properly formatted by this machine.
  • Plug the USB memory directly into the USB Port (A1)

The Specific Steps

  1. Log into the PaperCut interface.
  2. Press the physical Home Button on the copier.
  3. Select the Thumb Drive.
  4. Navigate the folder structure and select the document you want to print.
  5. Select Print.

More information can be found here on the PaperCut site for Kyocera printers here –

Toner Recycling

You can recycle printer toner cartridge a few different ways at Champlain.

  1. Our printing vendor, Symquest, will recycle some toner cartridges (and fusers and cell phones) for free. You can see the list of cartridges they recycle and request a shipping label at their WWW site:
  2. Simply bring the cartridge(s) to Champsupport at Rowell Annex, or reach out with a support ticket to request a pickup. 
  3. The link below is the free education toner recycling program. To use it, go to the WWW site below, create an account, and specify Champlain College as your educational institution. Super easy and FREE.
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