Connecting to CosmosWeb

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This page holds documentation for CosmosWeb, the replacement server for Cosmos ftp, Popcorn FTP and web operations.  All previous access to “” from a browser or ftp standpoint will now instead go to “”.  Below we have instructions for connecting to CosmosWeb with the WinSCP client.


Secure FTP Connection Instructions for WinSCP

Download and install WinSCP from here:

WinSCP Download Page

  1. Start WinSCP
  2. You will be prompted to Login
  3. Select FTP with TLS/SSL explicit encryption
  4. Host Name is
  5. Port is 21
  6. Click on Tools>Preferences and navigate to Transfers>Background
  7. Check the box for “Transfer on background by default” and click OK
  8. You can now Save these settings and click Login


Secure FTP Connection Instructions for Cyberduck

Download Cyberduck:

Open or extract the zip file and run the Cyberduck installer:

Click “Open” when prompted with this warning:

Launch Cyberduck:

Click on the Open Connection icon:

Select FTP-SSL (Explicit AUTH TLS)


Enter your Champlain username and password

Port 21

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