Accessing the ChamplainGuest wifi

ChamplainGuest Wifi Instructions

Anyone visiting campus without a Champlain account can access the internet via the ChamplainGuest wifi. To connect, please follow these steps:

  1. Click/tap the ChamplainGuest wifi name on your device. Specific steps vary between types of devices, but this network does not require a password or any form of authentication to initially join.

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        2. Once connected, you should be prompted to start the registration process. If you are not, please manually navigate your browser to:

     Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

        3.  Click the link to Register a New Account. Fill out the form to provide your registration details:

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         4. You will receive registration details to your email and as a text to your phone number. Please reference these to log in on the guest page:

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     5. You should now be logged in and able to access the internet! If you have any questions or issues connecting, please reach out to ChampSupport for further assistance.


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