Electronic Faxing (efax)

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What is electronic fax?

Electronic fax, or efax as it is commonly known, is a service that makes it easy to send and receive faxes online using your computer, phone, or tablet. Champlain College has subscribed to a service to provide electronic faxing capabilities to our staff and faculty. 

How does it work?

Receiving faxes

When a fax is sent to your efax number (or your campus fax line that we have forwarded to efax), you will receive an email notification that you have received a fax. You can then log into a secure web site to view your fax. 

Sending faxes

There are 2 ways to send faxes: 1) logging into a secure web site and uploading your fax or 2) by sending email to an email address that will forward your fax to the recipients fax machine. 

Where and when is it accessible?

efax is a 24x7x365 cloud-based service accessible anywhere internet access is available, from nearly any device. 

What does it cost?

At this time, the College pays for the electronic fax service for any division or department on campus. There would be no additional cost to a division or department who signs up for electronic faxing. 

Who may access it?

efax is available to any Champlain College division or department. 

How do I get efax?

To request an efax account, please contact ChampSupport via one of the methods listed below. 

Can we keep our existing FAX number?

Yes!  You will get a new fax number for the efax service, but we can forward your existing campus fax number to efax. 

Is efax secure?

Yes!  The efax service used by the College  has all the fax features you need to meet regulatory compliance standards, such as HIPAA, GLBA, and PCI.  Faxes are encrypted in transit and at rest on the secure web server. 

Submit a support request for technical assistance. 

What Champlain College policies are relevant to my use of efax?



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