WiFi Certificate Update 2023

This summer, the wifi network at Champlain was updated to accommodate a certificate change. This results in all computers needing to re-authenticate to gain access again.

Windows (Campus)

First, the computer needs to be connected to an ethernet (wired) connection. Please make sure that an ethernet cord is connected to your computer or your docking station. If your office does not have one, try to find a different space you can temporarily use while you do the update. When your computer is connected to ethernet, the “Internet access” menu should show you’re connected to “champlain.edu”.

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To perform the update, press the Windows key on your keyboard to open the search bar, then type “cmd”. There should be a result that says “Command Prompt”. Right click, and select “Run as administrator”. Click “Yes” when prompted.

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You should now have a command window open. Type the command

gpupdate /force

and press the enter/return key after entering that command. You entered it correctly if the text then shows "updating policy..."

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You will soon be prompted to restart or sign out. Type “Y” and press enter to restart your computer.

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Once your computer restarts, log in normally. You should now be able to connect to the “Champlain” wireless network. You might have to click “Disconnect” and try connecting again if it doesn’t work on the first try.



Any Mac computer on campus, whether Champlain-issued or personal, will receive a prompt to "connect" with a new certificate. You must allow the certificate to be used to re-connect properly. 

You will be prompted to authenticate following this confirmation. Enter your Mac-specific username and password to allow the update. Once complete, you should automatically re-connect to the wifi.


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