How to switch to a delegated email address In Outlook


There are many on campus who use generic email boxes for departments and activities. In Google you will access these by adding the delegated account to Outlook, this document explains how. This assumes you’ve already set up your main profile in Outlook for Google Apps so be sure you’ve done that first.


Step 1 – Click on “Start” -> “All Programs”

Step 2 – Click on “Google Apps Sync” -> “Add account for delegation”

Step 3 – In the window that pops up, enter the complete email address you have access to under “Delegate Email:”, then click “OK”

Step 4 – If successful you should see the result, click “OK” on the result.

Step 5 – In Outlook you should now see both Google Apps accounts, the screen below shows what happens when I click the triangle to minimize my personal account and then click the other one to expand and read the delegate account data.


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