2 Factor Login Setup

Please follow the steps outlined below to set up 2-Factor authentication on your Champlain account.


1. Sign in

Log into your Champlain email account. Once logged in, navigate to the link below:


You can also reach this page from any Google website with your account logged in. Simply click the profile icon in the top right, then click "manage your google account"

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2. Security Settings

On the My Account page, click Security on the left side.

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3. Scroll to 2-Step Verification

Locate the 2-Step Verification link, under the "How you Sign in to Google" section, then click on it:

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4. Get Started

Click "Get Started" at the bottom to begin the setup process. 

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5. Password

You will be prompted for your Champlain account password. Please re-enter it to continue.

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6. Verification

If you have already added a phone number to your account, you might be prompted to receive a verification code. This is not the 2-step process, but it looks similar. 

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7. Setup

Confirm that the number pre-filled (if present) is the one you would like to use to receive the verification code. Select which option best fits, whether you want a text message or a phone call as well. 

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8. Confirm that it works

Type in the code you receive in the text message to confirm the process works. You can exclude the G- and just enter the 6 digit numerical code. 

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9. Turn on

After confirming, click the button to "turn on" 2-step verification. 

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10. Done!

You will be returned to a page similar to the one you were at towards the beginning of this process. The setup is complete when you see a green checkmark, followed by "on since __" listed next to the 2-step verification section. 

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