How to set up 2-step Verification in Google


As of Fall 2023, all Champlain email accounts are required to use 2-step verification in Google. Please follow the steps below to set up this requirement:


Setup Process

Step 1

Navigate to and ensure you log in with your Champlain email account. You can verify the correct account is signed in by clicking on the profile icon near the top right corner of the page.

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Step 2

Once on this main account page, click the Security tab on the left hand side:

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Step 3

Scroll down to the 2-step verification option. It will show "2-step verification is off"  - click this section to start the process:

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Step 4

Read about this setting, then click "get started" to continue with the setup:

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Step 5

You may be prompted to re-enter your password. If you have forgotten it, you may contact us for assistance with a reset.

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Step 5a

If you already have a phone number or device linked to your account, it may send you a prompt to confirm your login. Please note - this step does not yet indicate 2-step verification is turned on. If prompted, make sure to click "send" or otherwise complete the prompt to verify that you are logging in.

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Step 6

Google will now ask for a phone number, if not filled in already. Please make sure to use a number you can easily receive a call or text whenever you need to log into your account or perform an extra verification. Click next once entered properly.

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Step 7

You will be asked to confirm the code sent via the call or text. You do not need to enter the leading G- prefix, just the 6 digit numerical code here.

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Step 8

After verification, you will be prompted to confirm actually turning on 2-step verification. Click "turn on" to finalize this process and fulfill the requirement.

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Step 9

After completing these steps, you will be brought back to the main Account management page, where you can confirm the update by looking for a green checkmark:

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Step 10

You have now completed the setup for 2-step verification! If desired, you can navigate back to the 2-step verification settings page if you would like to add an alternate method of performing this verification, like a smartphone app or physical security key. Please contact us if you have any further questions about these additional options, or if you need assistance completing this setup.

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