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ESET Anti-Virus is the software we use on campus and Faculty and Staff machines to mitigate Viruses, Malware, and potentially hazardous sites. If anyone experiences issues with this software please submit a ticket to to get it resolved.


Disable Dock Icon

With the latest version, ESET Anti-Virus 6.1 for OSX, we’ve found that the software defaults to showing an icon in both the system tray (upper right) and the dock (usually located at the bottom of the display). We’re unable to automatically change this and realize it might be a bummer for folks. The following instructions are to demonstrate how to turn this “feature” off.

  1. First click the green e in the menu bar.
    ESET anti virus
  2. Then select the gear and “Preferences”
    ESET anti virus
  3. With the preferences pane open select Interface.
    ESET anti virus
  4. Below is an example of what the feature looks like enabled (In this example I’ve already disabled tooltips). Uncheck the box that reads “Present Application in Dock” and..
    ESET anti virus
  5. Voila! Nothing happens. The next time you reboot the icon will be removed from the dock.
    ESET anti virus



At the moment there’s not a lot to say about these machines. We’re up to version 6.3, and we feel that it does a pretty good job. The best feature IMHO is this thing called presentation mode. It keeps ESET from being all chatty Kathy on you when you’ve got an App full screen, great for presentations. We’ve taken the liberty of turning this on for everyone.

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