Resources for Student Clubs


Student clubs are eligible for certain technology resources to help operate their club. To be eligible, the Student Government Association (SGA) must officially recognize the club. For more information about registering your club with the SGA, please visit their club website. 

Below is a list of resources available. To request any of these resources, please submit a ticket to ChampSupport

Google Group/Mailing list

Google groups are mailing lists that you can use to either send to all of your club members or just to your club leadership. The Information Systems team will set up the group for you and designate club leaders as owners of the group, who can then add and remove other members. 


Delegated Email account

A delegated email account can be used to correspond with your club members, the SGA, and other College departments without having to use an individual’s account. 

Note that Champlain College no longer provides passwords to club accounts and instead provides access via delegation. For more information on delegation, see Google’s help page


Google Shared Drive

Google Shared Drives provide safe storage for club collaboration. Files are owned by the shared drive, not individual users, so they remain accessible as club membership changes. Learn more about Shared Drives from Google's help page here



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