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Virtualization Services serve many different needs at Champlain. Master Degree Students, and Champlain College Online students are the primary consumers of this service, although Traditional Undergrad Students and Faculty and Staff will soon see these services sneak into their work life at Champlain. Below are the services having to do with virtualization for Students, Faculty, and Staff.

Benefits for Students

For students the benefits are a little more obvious. Applications that we can’t allow students to install on their personal computers can be accessed this way, as long as the software manufacturer allows.

Benefits for Faculty and Staff

For Faculty and Staff there are some additional benefits, the primary benefit being security. The Virtual machine is housed inside our Datacenter and that can help prevent sensitive data from being exposed because someone left their device on a bus or a plane, or in a situation where their computer is stolen.

For students and employees alike this creates an easy way to access on campus files via a user’s mapped drives. As opposed to working with an FTP service and trying to keep revision tracking of those files you’re moving between campus and home, you can simply log into a VDI session and it’s almost as if stepped into a transporter – suddenly you’re looking at the familiar shield logo and all of your campus services are available to you.

Student Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is hosted in the Champlain College Cloud. This service provides student access to software and services that would otherwise only be accessible only on campus or by a remote network access solution.

Click here for a tutorial on how to set up a VDI as a student.

Faculty and Staff Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Similar to the Student VDI solution this provides faculty and staff access to a remote Windows session so that faculty and staff can access applications and data hosted exclusively on campus.

Click here for a tutorial on setting up a VDI as a faculty or staff member. 

Virtual Labs

Virtual Labs are hosted in the Champlain College Cloud. It provides students with the ability to access multiple Virtual Machines by using either the vSphere web client or another client installed on the users machine.

Click here for an tutorial on how to access Virtual Labs.

Virtualization Software for Students

Also know as VMWare Academic Program (VMAP). This site is hosted by Kivuto solutions and can be found here: VMWare Program at Champlain College

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