Installing Adobe Substance 3D Painter

Adobe Substance 3D Texturing Apps are available for free for students and teachers. Please follow these instructions when requesting a license and installing on your computer. 

Navigate to and create an account using your preferred method, making sure NOT to use your Champlain email.

Once signed in, navigate to and scroll down until you see the “Get your free license” button, and click on it.

Fill out the form according to the following:


  1. Student
  2. Your First Name
  3. Your Last Name
  4. “Champlain College”
  5. “Burlington, VT”
  6. “United States”
  7. Your field of study
  8. A photograph of the front of your student ID in the listed file formats
  9. Click agree to the EULA


Click submit

After it approves navigate to and click on the “Licenses” tab

Click on the download link for your operating system for the product you wish to install (Alchemist/Designer/Painter)

Start the installer once it has fully downloaded. Read and accept the license agreement

Select the folder where you would like to install it (the default is almost always fine)

Select “Create a desktop shortcut” if you want one and ensure that every box under “File Associations” is checked.

Click “Install” and wait for the installer to finish.

Ensure that “Launch Substance(Designer/Architect/Painter)” is selected and click finish

An “Activation Wizard” window should come up. Select “Activate using your account (*)” and click next

Log in with your account information and click next


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