Connecting to a shared network drive on a Mac

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Follow these instructions to connect your Mac to Champlain's shared drives:

From the Finder, click on the Go menu and select Connect to Server (Command-K). Type smb://, click enter and enter your Champlain username and password.

You’ll get a list of Cosmos Directories that you have permission to access. You will not see the letters as you would on Windows just the names.

H = AdminHome
I = AdminShared
J = All
K = ReadOnly
S = StudentShared
X = Secure

Make a folder in your Documents folder called Network Shares. Drag the folder into the right side of your dock. There is a thin line on your dock separating the left side from the right. To the left of this line are apps, on the right are documents, folders, trash, etc. Use the Connect to Sever steps above to mount a share. You’ll have an icon on your desktop now, AdminShared for instance. Open AdminShared and locate the folder you use, Library perhaps. Drag the Library folder into the Network Shares folder that we created above - either the one in Documents or in the dock - while holding down the command and option key. This will create an alias or shortcut in your Network shares folder.

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