How to get discounts on software for students


No Cost and Discount Software for Champlain College Students 

This page has information and links to the different software solutions provided to students for academic use. Any questions regarding this software should be directed to ChampSupport ( Please include the course for which you require this software as well as the program in which you are enrolled as some products may not be available to all students. Also note, campus computer labs may already have the software installed, you can see what software is installed and in which computer labs through a live resource that may be found here.


Autodesk has a site where students can register to receive an educational license for their some of their products. Gain access to it by visiting their site and registering your Champlain provided email address. Autodesk Education Community

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools For Teaching

This resource is provided automatically to eligible students at the beginning of the semester. Here is a link to the resource: Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Github Student Pack + GitKraken

Github offers a free Student Pack, with many benefits including an upgraded GitHub subscription and many other perks for enhancing your software development experience. 

Please visit the GitHub Student Pack website linked here for more details and to register. 

Once registered for the GitHub Student Pack, you may also request a free license to GitKraken Pro. After claiming, their article here walks through the steps needed to redeem this upgraded license in the program. 

Google Suite

All active Champlain College student accounts include Google’s App suite. This provides students with Google Drive, Sheets, Docs, Calendar and more. This account provides unlimited cloud based storage for much of the coursework at Champlain College. 


JetBrains, the maker of PyCharm, WebStorm, and other web development IDE tools, offer free licenses to students. Please see their website here for more details and to sign up. 

You can also link a GitHub Student Pack account, detailed above, to claim a JetBrains account as well. 

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is installed on all Champlain College owned computers. For use on a personal computer, students may download the Microsoft Office products included with their free Office 365 subscription. This software installs locally on your computer and will sync with your Microsoft One Drive account.

Minitab 19

Both 12-Month ($49.99) and 6-Month ($29.99) can be purchased here. Minitab 18 is currently installed in campus lab Joyce 201.

Visual Studio

Microsoft provides resources for students who want their suite of IDEs for development, especially with C++. Learn more about student offerings and downloads at the link here

VMWare (Workstation/Fusion Desktop)

Champlain courses use a number of different operating system virtualization technologies. Make sure to use the one your instructor has specified as assignments will depend upon specific versions and locations. Even in the same course, different virtualization technologies may be used for different assignments, so be sure you are using the correct one.

This resource is provided automatically to CPS, ITS, or Business students at the beginning of the semester. Eligibility for this software is determined only by which classes a student is currently enrolled. If you believe you should have access and need the ability to install and create your own virtual machines, contact ChampSupport. To download VMWare on a personal machine, please follow the steps located in our dedicated support article, linked here. This will walk you through setting up an account, downloading the software, and obtaining a license key.



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