Employee Chosen Name Change Request

Champlain College recognizes that transgender, non-binary, and/or gender-nonconforming employees may not wish to use the name that they were assigned at birth, as it does not reflect their identity. We also recognize that for a variety of reasons, employees may not wish to go through a legal name change or may be in the middle of doing so, but wish to have their records reflect their chosen name before the process is complete. The College has a process in place to accommodate employees who wish to update their name and email address in many College systems.

Students: There is a separate process in place for students who wish to go through this process. See this form for details. 

Click on the "Request Name Change" button to request a Chosen name change. A member of the People Center will follow up to confirm your request. Once the change has been implemented, you may request a new ID card from Compass Student Services

Where your name will change:

Your name will be updated in Active Directory and Colleague, as well as systems that use Active Directory and Colleague to create user records including Gmail, Google, Canvas, and the telephone network. 

Where your name will not change:

Your Chosen name will not replace your Legal name in Oracle, though it will be added to Oracle in the "Preferred name" field. As a result, your Legal name will continue to appear on all payroll, tax, and benefits related communications.

Request Name Change


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