Oracle Icon Missing on Apps Panel


This article explains how to display the Oracle icon if it is not visible on the apps panel and how to make changes so you'll land on the GMHEC apps page going forward.


Have you tried to use Oracle but found yourself looking at a bunch of different icons instead?  These steps explain how to locate the "missing" Oracle icon and fix things going forward so it will appear as expected.

How to Switch to the GMHEC Apps Panel 

  1. Check to see if Middlebury’s logo appears in the upper left (as shown below).  Middlebury Apps Panel
  2. If it does, click the Organizations icon in the upper right,  Organizations icon

then choose Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium.  This switches you to the GMHEC Apps panel instead of Middlebury’s.

How to Make Changes so GMHEC Apps Panel Appears as Expected

To get directly to the GMHEC App panel next time:

  • Change your existing browser shortcut to use
  • Use the Oracle Cloud “quick link” located at the bottom of the Middlebury College homepage.
  • If the issue persists, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies.  (Remember, Firefox is the recommended browser for use with Oracle.)

Still Need Help?

  • If the GMHEC apps panel is visible to you and the Oracle tile does not appear on it, or if you have questions about the information in this article, please drop by the Helpdesk Zoom room or submit a request for support using the button at right.



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