Information Technology
Services Status

Below you will find a number of services provided by the SMC IT Department. While we strive to have all of these services available 100% of the time issues occasionally arise that will reduce or remove access to these systems. When these systems are affected by various issues we will update the “Status” below to reflect the severity of the outage, along with a note to give some additional context. Some cloud-based services (such as Canvas) have their own status pages as well. Please note that particularly with cloud-based systems issues may arise without IT’s knowledge, so if you’re having trouble with these systems it’s a good idea to check their individual status pages as well in the event of a degradation of service. 
 = Online   = Intermittent  = Offline
Services Status Notes
Campus App Servers  
Internet Service Provider  
VPN - Off Campus  
Vendors Status Notes
Adobe: Vendor Status  
Accruent EMS (Dekstop & Web), Master Calendar  
Canvas: Vendor Status Login issues resolved. If you see a login error please try using a different browser, or private browsing/incognito mode. 
Echo360: Vendor Status  
Microsoft Services: Azure | Office  
TDX (Helpdesk Tickets)  
Zoom: Vendor Status