Creating an Echo360 Recording Using Universal Capture vs. Browser Capture

In addition to scheduled lecture capture, Echo360 can also be used to create ad hoc and/or asynchronous captures. There are two methods used to create recordings using Echo360; through Universal Capture, Echo360's desktop application and Browser capture, using a web-based interface.

Universal Capture desktop application

This link provides a video guide for installing Universal Capture on a user's personal device:

For a direct download link: Universal Capture Desktop Application

Browser Capture

In-browser capture is relatively new to Echo360 and does not require users to install any software. 

This link will open the browser capture interface: Browser Capture


With both methods, users will need to first specify a few things prior to creating a capture. 

  1. Designate a "Publish to" location. This drop-down menu should populate with the user's enrolled Canvas courses. The default will send the capture to your Echo360 library - found here: Echo360 Library
  2. Ensure that the desired sources selected: ie. Display, Camera and microphone. These are all accessible from their dedicated drop-down menus.

Once these settings are as established, the user is ready to press the record button and create their capture. 

Included below are two screen shots for reference:

Universal Capture


Browser Capture

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