Adobe Creative Cloud for students

Champlain uses the Adobe suite for a variety of majors and classes. These programs are installed by default in the college computer labs. All students have access to a shared license, meaning you can log into a campus computer and use the pre-installed Adobe programs on that machine. 

When logging in, simply use your Champlain mymail address and your regular Champlain password, and you'll be granted access to use the apps. Make sure to sign out when you are finished with your work for the day, or leaving the computer for an extended period. For best results, open the actual app first (Photoshop, InDesign, etc) and use the sign-in prompt there. In our Apple Mac labs, use the Creative Cloud launcher to sign in if the main app you are using does not allow you to open your project files. 


All traditional undergraduate students will be licensed to use Adobe Creative Cloud software.

These licenses permit access to the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications on Champlain College lab computers, virtual machines accessible through, and on personally owned computers.

Students must log into Adobe Creative Cloud using their Champlain College username to gain access to this license.

** Students enrolled in some courses through Champlain College Online will gain access to the Adobe Creative Cloud software for the duration of the semester in which they are enrolled in that course.


For information about transferring your Adobe cloud asset data out of your Champlain account, please see our article linked below about steps to take after graduation:

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