New Faculty and Staff Account Instructions

This page will familiarize you with your new Faculty and/or Staff Champlain College network account. Please follow these directions to activate your account and get started.

Activate Your Account and Change Your Password (When Required)

Before you can begin using your account you may need to activate and change your initial password.  In the email you received you were told what your username and email address would be with Champlain College, as well as if your password was reset in the case of already existing accounts (re-activated or modified for employment).  If you haven’t had a Champlain College account before, or if the welcome email indicates your password was reset, you will need to activate the account and change your password.  When reset the initial password to activate your account is your date of birth (unless otherwise noted in the email) in the format MMDDYYYY (two digit month, two digit day, four digit year). For example if you were born on January 1st, 1850 you would use 01011850 as your initial password when activating your account. With the username you received, and the password you know, you can proceed to activate your account following these steps from the browser on your laptop or desktop computer:

  1. If it’s been less than 2 hours since you received your welcome email with your username please wait until 2 hours have passed (this is related to Google being our email provider and account sync times between systems)
  2. Proceed to our account activation site:
  3. Follow the directions on that page to activate your account.

Please protect your password. Champlain College will NEVER ask you for ANY personally identifiable information in an e-mail this includes: password, SSN, birth date, credit card, etc. We catch approximately 30 scams per day asking for this type of information but unfortunately we cannot catch them all. Please help us protect your identity and the College reputation by never sending any passwords or sensitive information (Champlain or others) in an e-mail for any reason. If you do mistakenly give out your password or personal information please notify the ChampSupport Team as soon as possible at the contact info near the bottom of this page.

Accessing Your Champlain College Email

You can access your Champlain College Email account after following the activation steps above. Proceed to this link here and login. Your username for Gmail is your email address from the message we sent you, including the “” on the end. (ie Your password is what you changed it to during account activation.

Email Distribution Groups

Champlain College email is a mechanism for official communication within the Champlain College community. Email communications are intended to meet a wide range of academic and administrative functions. Thus, a variety of distribution lists and permission levels are fundamental to the systems’ overall effectiveness.

Documentation on official distribution lists can be found here (Champlain College login required): Email Distribution Lists Documentation (PDF).

In addition to the distribution lists outlined in the above document, individual departments, divisions, schools, committees and other functional units may choose to maintain their own distribution list for ease of communication within their specific area. Please contact ChampSupport to request creation of a distribution list.

Campus Phone Use and Instructions

Please see our article about Zoom Phone setup and usage, linked here

Contacting ChampSupport

For any additional questions please reach out to ChampSupport:

Phone: 802-860-2710

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