How To Install Perceptive Content EP4 (version 7.7)

Perceptive Content is an electronic document imaging and management system for scanning, indexing, and retrieval of documents.  Experience is the name of the browser-based version of Content.

  • The Perceptive Content client is only available for Windows.  
  • Mac users who do not need to scan documents may use the web version of Content called Experience.

Using Experience in the Chrome Browser

Experience is the browser-based version of Content. It has all the features of the desktop client except the ability to import documents.  Chrome is the recommended browser. Get to it from http://go.perceptivecontent/ or at this link: Experience.

Mac users who do not need to scan documents may use the web version of Content without any special configuration. Occasional Mac users should use Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

If you already have a version of Perceptive Content installed on your computer, please uninstall that version before installing the Perceptive Content EP4 version. If you do not have a previous version installed, please go straight to the “Install the Software via Company Portal” section on this page.

Uninstall the previous version of Perceptive Content

  1. Click the Window key (or click the Start button) to open the Start menu.

    Windows icon in Taskbar
  2. Click the gear icon in the Start menu.

    Gear icon in Start menu
  3. Click on the Apps icon.

    Apps icon in the settings menu
  4. Under “Apps and Features”, scroll down to Perceptive Content Desktop Client.

    Perceptive Content Desktop Client app under Apps and Features tab
  5. Click on Perceptive Content Desktop Client and click “Uninstall”.

    Uninstall button for  Perceptive Content Desktop Client app
  6. Click “Uninstall” again in the popup window that opens.
  7. Click yes when you see “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device” on the screen.
  8. The following message is normal. Please wait until the process completes.

    "Please wait" info window
  9. Once the process has completed, verify that Perceptive Content Desktop Client does not show in the Apps list (shown in step 4 above) anymore.
  10. Please restart your computer before installing the new version of Perceptive Content Desktop Client (this is a very important step).

Install the Software via Company Portal

  1. Press the Windows key (or click the start button) to open the Applications menu, then choose Company Portal to launch it.

    Company Portal app in Start menu
  2. Select the Apps tab and click Perceptive Content in the list to launch the installer.

    Perceptive Content in Apps tab
  3. Click the Install button.

    Install Button
  4. Wait while it downloads and installs.
  5. Type Content into the Windows search box and choose Perceptive Content to launch the software.

     Window search box showing Perceptive Content app
  6. If your login screen already shows MiddleburyProd above the username then you’re all set.

    Perceptive Content login screen
  • If you don’t see MiddleburyProd, or if you will need to use the test version of Content (MiddleburyDev), please follow the instructions below under Set up a Connection Profile.

Log In

  1. Log in with your Middlebury username (NOT full email address) and password. You’ll see a toolbar that looks like this, maybe with fewer icons. Success!

Perceptive Content Toolbar

Set up a Connection Profile

  1. In the upper left of the log in screen, click Connection Profiles.

    Connection Profiles on Login Screen
  2. If, under "Select a profile", you see the profile that you need, select that profile and log in. If you don't see the profile that you need, click Edit Connection Profiles at the bottom of the window.
  3. Edit Connection Profiles button
  4. Click the Create button in the window that opens.

    Create button
  5. Fill the screen out as show below.

New Connection Profile dialog

  • If you'll be using the test system, create a profile for MiddleburyDev as well, as shown below.

Connection Profile for Dev


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