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What is a datablock?

How is a data block related to a report?

Argos reports exist underneath a DataBlock, and use data from that DataBlock and/or its dashboard to generate the report. There are three different types of Argos reports: CSV, banded, and extract. Refer to the Argos Report Writer Guide.

How can I use Argos?

Argos can be used to connect to, access, and report on data in many systems owned by Middlebury, such as Banner, Facility Commander, Web Help Desk, etc. Most users will access the system to write or view reports on data from Banner.

How can I get access to Argos?

  • If you are a report consumer, you will get access to specific reports through the designated data steward in your area. Reports will generally be viewed in our production reporting environment.
  • If you are a report writer or datablock designer, you will need an account in the development reporting environment. Please file an Argos access request ticket in TDX to have an account created in Argos with the correct roles.

What are the skills needed for each reporting role? [Credit: Norwich University]

Report Viewers

  • Understand how to access the Argos reporting environment
  • Effectively use the Argos dashboards to run reports
  • Keep in mind the safe storage and usage of exported data
  • Understand how to request access to reports when changing roles
  • Understand how to verify the results of a new or changed report

Report Writers

  • Possess a basic understanding of Data Blocks and their contents to ensure that the proper data is being used
  • Understand the data used to write a report and have some knowledge of the business process the report is supporting
  • Understand and apply Middlebury’s policies around HIPAA, FERPA and PII
  • Initial and continuing training in report-writing techniques and best practices
  • Understand how to gather requirements for a report
  • Understand how to verify the results of a report
  • Understand how to achieve sign-off from a report requestor

Data-block designers

  • Possess strong knowledge of the underlying data
  • Have knowledge of, or be willing to learn, relational database concepts and Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Have experience as an Argos Report Writer
  • Have the desire and inclination to assemble large quantities of data into a related data source
  • Possess excellent communication and research skills

Who do I contact if I have questions or need assistance?

Please file a ticket in the TDX ticketing system so we can answer your questions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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