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What is this Service?

SiteImprove scans the website and reports broken links, misspellings, and accessibility issues to the people who maintain each part of the site. 

Users with accounts can sign in at

Who is Eligible for this Service?

Any person involved in the creation or maintenance of content on our websites is encouraged to use SiteImprove.

How Do I Learn About this Service?

Middlebury makes use of SiteImprove's Web Accessibility and Quality Assurance tools. More information about these tools and their use is available in the SiteImprove Help Center and the Siteimprove Academy.

We would be happy to meet with you and provide a demonstration of what SiteImprove can do.

How Do I Get Help?

The SiteImprove Help Center and the Siteimprove Academy have extensive training videos and how-to articles.

To request access, receive training, or ask for support, please click the "Request Support" button on the right side of this page.

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