ArcGIS Survey123

What is this service?

ArcGIS Survey123 is an online form builder similar to Google Forms or Qualtrics but with advantages for geographical data collection and display. Survey123 can help accelerate data collection and enhance the quality of results. Survey123 can visualize and analyze information with a geographic lens to better understand where and why things occur. Survey123 will allow you to share data through web maps, apps, and dashboards to inform decision-making and improve understanding.

Who is eligible for this service?

All Middlebury instructors and students have access via their single-sign-on credentials. 

How do I learn about this service?

The ArcGIS Survey123 overview provides a good foundation for this product. The gallery provides a number of inspirational examples. 

How do I get access to this service?

  1. Choose login at 
  2. Enter middlebury for your ArcGIS organization's URL
  3. Click Continue
  4. Use your Middlebury single-sign-on credentials if you're not already logged in

How do I get help?

Use the button to the right side of this page to request support.

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Service ID: 297
Thu 2/8/24 3:36 PM
Thu 2/8/24 3:39 PM
Group or groups who are eligible to use the service
Students (All)
Faculty (All)