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Consider installing the official Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone. The Authenticator app is not required, but it is very easy to configure and use, and it is the recommended alternative to SMS text-based authentication. This app provides a number of methods you can use with multi-factor authentication and it can even provide codes for verification use when you do not have cellular or wireless access.

Where can I get the Microsoft Authenticator app?



How do I set up the app?

Refer to Microsoft's useful guides for full details about installing the app and adding your account(s):


How do I remove/delete an account from the app?

  • iOS From the main screen, tap to select the account to be removed, then tap the gear icon.  Tap Remove Account.
  • Windows Phone From the main screen, select the menu button, then Edit accounts. Tap the X next to the account name.
  • Android From the main screen, select the menu button, then Edit accounts. Tap the X next to the account name.


What if I have trouble with the setup?

  • If the initial setup is unsuccessful when configuring the Authenticator App on iOS, click Resend notification.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to delete your account from the app then re-attempt the setup (see above).
  • Visit the Microsoft Authenticator FAQ site.
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