Zoom Phone Voicemail

Zoom Phone Voice Messages can be accessed in various locations:

  • Via the Zoom App
  • Via the Zoom web site
  • From your email inbox (including audio transcript)

How to Record a Voice mail Greeting on the Web 

  1. Sign into the Zoom Web Portal – https://middlebury.zoom.us 

  1. Click on Phone. 

Picture of Phone Submenu on Zoom Phone 

  1. Click on Settings. 

Picture of Settings tab in Phone Submenu 

  1. Scroll to Call Handling, Scroll to Greeting & Leave voice mail instruction and then click on Audio Library. 

Picture showing the currently set voicemail greeting. 

  1. This will open a Window that says – Audio Library – Click on Add Audio 

Picture of new window showing Audio Library, and saying that you shouldn't put copyrighted audio there. 

  1. You can then pick how you want to create a greeting by doing Text to Speech which will use a synthesized voice to create your recording. 

Picture of text to speech and voices that can be selected. 

  1. Click on Record by computer if you would like to record your own. 

  2. You will need to allow recording from your browser for it go to go through. There should be prompts to show up that tell you what to do. 

  3. This will open a window where you can adjust your microphone volume. Click on Next once you have done so. 

Picture showing how to change input level and input volume. 

  1. Click on Record and record your message. 

Picture showing a button to start recording. 

  1. Click on the red square to stop recording. 

Picture of Playback of recording from computer. 

  1. You can press the play button to listen to it as a test. 

Picture showing a play button and download button of the recording along with the name of it. 

  1. Click on Add to add it to the Audio Library. 

  1. It will be called “custom” by default. You will need to click the edit button next to the name to change the name of the recording. 

Picture showing the new audio file. 

  1. Click on use the Audio to make it your voice mail.  

  1. You can always change the active voice mail by coming into here and selecting the one you want to use from the drop down arrow. 

Picture showing a drop down with the default voicemail instruction, and the new one. 

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