Sending Faxes from Public Multi-Function Devices

The multi-function printer devices in the Davis Family Library have been set up to send faxes. If you need to receive fax, please contact the ITS helpdesk to request an incoming fax line.

  • Login to one of the MiddColor devices in Davis 142, 242, or 303.
  • Select the Scan option from the list of choices as shown below.


papercut print screen with different print options, print, device functions and scan


  • Look for the option titled Send Fax from Davis as shown below and select it.


send fax from davis


  • On the scan details screen, click on the field underneath “Fax number with area code” to select it and enter the fax number you are sending to.  If sending on campus, you only need the extension.


enter fax number with area code text box


  • Locate the two additional settings at the bottom of the screen titled “Additional Pages” and “New document” and make sure they are unchecked. This will make sure you are NOT prompted to insert additional pages for more scans. See the example screen below.

fax screen options, to addres, subject of email and file name creation


  • Once you have entered the phone number and made sure the additional settings are removed, select the Green start button. NOTE: there are two start buttons. Make sure you select the green one. The blue one will occasionally fail to properly send the fax data.
  • You should then see a screen that the scan is processing and another screen when  the scan is complete.
  • You should receive an email confirmation that that the fax went through fairly soon.
  • If the fax fails, you may get an initial message with a subject of “Sending your scanned document” with content that the fax is on its way. The system will retry for another 10-15 minutes at which time you will get a new email that the fax has failed. In that case, please try again.



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