Zoom Phone - Auto Receptionist Administration

An auto receptionist is a pre-recorded greeting that plays automatically when callers dial an associated number. These are often used to route callers to different phone options via an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu. 

In Zoom Phone, a custom role can be created which allows a departmental user the ability to edit their department's auto receptionist. By being a call auto receptionist, users have the ability to do the following:

  • Change business hours for the auto receptionist
  • Add holiday hours for auto receptionist
  • Re-record greetings for the auto receptionist
  • Give users access to voicemail and set forwarding address for voice mail messages

There are three possible greetings that can be configured in an auto-receptionist:

  1. Initial Greeting
  2. IVR Greeting
  3. Closed Greeting

Log In to Edit Auto Receptionist

If you are an auto receptionist admin, you can access the settings for your department by visit https://go.middlebury.edu/zoom/ and selecting "Phone System Administration" and then "Auto Receptionists" from the left side menu. Select the name of the auto receptionist you would then like to edit.

Add Members to Auto Receptionist Voicemail

Select "View or Edit" next to the member count and then select "Add Members" in the top right corner. A user must be fully licensed for Zoom Phone to be able to be a call queue member.

Configure IVR Options

To configure IVR options, click "Edit" in the IVR options space

Once you hit edit, you will see the IVR page and will have the option to set up different lines to perform different actions. Click edit next to the digit you'd like to program to select IVR actions.

interactive voice response menu, options for configuring digits to ring to different numbers

From the pop-up window, you can select whether you'd like to send someone to voicemail, forward them to another line, send them to a dial by name directory or disable the key.


Change Business Hours and Greetings

To change business hours, click Edit next to the listed hours and adjust as necessary. 


edit business hours for auto receptionist in zoom phone

When outside of business hours, the closed greeting will play by default. It can be edits / recording buy pressing the "Audio Options" button next to the Closed hours options.

Give Users Voice Mail access and Forward Auto Receptionist Messages to email

To give individual users in your department access to voice mail messages (via the web and zoom app), click on the Policy tab across the top menu and then "Access Member List" to add members

To add an email address to the notification list, click on "Email List" under the "Voicemail notification by email" options. You can also opt to turn off voicemail message attachments from the emails or other functionality if desired. Sensitive information should not be included in any voice mail messages in accordance with Middlebury's data classification policy.

zoom phone auto receptionist example policy settings, voicemail member access list


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