Using the Logitech Group Kit with Zoom

Media Services can provide and install the Logitech Group video conferencing kit with a separate camera and mic/speaker pod when Zoom Rooms are not available.

This kit is not stand-alone; it plugs into a computer running web conferencing software like Zoom. If the classroom space that you are using does not have a Podium PC installed, then please supply a laptop with a USB connection port or a USB dongle to adapt your port's connection type.

Plug the USB cord into the laptop running Zoom.  In the Zoom meeting, the Logitech Group kit will be discoverable as the microphone and camera in the pop-up menus accessible at the lower left of the window.

Place the camera as close to the presenter or discussion group as possible without blocking any paths of egress.

Place the mic/speaker pod amidst the participants in the room for an informal conference; for a single orator's remarks, place the pod as close to the presenter as possible.

Use the Logitech Group kit's pod/remote control directional and zoom buttons to point and frame the camera shot.  Both the pod and the remote control also have volume and mute buttons.  Be advised, the remote only works when pointed directly at the infrared sensor on the front of the camera.

Please schedule an introduction to this equipment with Media Services before using it for the first time, as there are further best practices that will help get the most out of your event.

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