Desktop and Mobile Computing

Documentation on services that support access and use of community members’ devices and related
peripherals. Includes desktop and mobile device support, printing and related services,
and software and applications distribution

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Adobe Creative Cloud Installation

Adobe Creative Cloud suite installation instructions

Email Filtering at Middlebury

This article covers the basics of Middlebury's email filtering, including Quarantine, Junk Mail folders, the Focused Inbox feature, and Clutter. Learn what you can adjust and how to do it.

JAMF Pro Self Service FAQ

This article covers commonly-asked questions about use of JAMF Pro's Self Service program to install software on a Mac.

List of Resources Available from Off-campus

This article lists frequently-used computing and library resources and services that are available to members of the College community when working from off-campus.

Nasuni Web Access

This article explains basic use of the Nasuni Web Access tool to work with Midd/Miisfiles without the need for a VPN connection.