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Appendix A: Address Types
Appendix B: Sample addresses and formats by country
Appendix C: References for Australia, Canada and Northern Ireland

Appendix D: Sorting Rules

Appendix A: Address Types

Address Types

The Address Type classifies an address and determines how it will be used.  All reports and processes, such as producing mailing labels, will pull addresses based on the type.  Select the appropriate address type from the table when any address is entered in the database.

There should be only ONE active address per address type - the only exceptions are for the Finance or Vendor types VO, VC, and VR.

Though any address type can be entered anywhere on campus, certain departments may only use a limited number for their work functions.  This list is sorted with address types used primarily by certain offices listed together. 

 ****This list is based on current business procedures on campus but may change as the College adds additional Banner modules and as work procedures are clarified and identified. It is in the College's best interests to create as few address types as possible to simplify reporting and mailing procedures.


Code Type Definition
MA Primary mailing address All records (except vendors) must have a primary mailing address.

There should never be more than one active MA address per record.

Most often it is the home address for individuals (though another address can be preferred) or a business address for a corporation or organization. Effective dates must be entered if a pending address change is known or if it is one of a constituent's seasonal mailing addresses (effective dates should then coincide with the dates on the Seasonal Home address). 

HM Home Home address, use only when the address is different than MA.  Can be used to record a UPS/FedEx delivery address for a physical location.
BU Business Employment  address for a person. (The primary  business address for a company or organization is entered as an MA address type.) 

***Use for College employee's campus mailing address.  |-

B2 Second Business Additional employment information when a person has more than one occupation or job.  (Most often used by EA/CSO).  Use for College employee who has a second campus mailing address. Use only when different than MA and BU.
SH Seasonal Home Seasonal home address.  Use with individuals who have specific dates for seasonal changes in their primary mailing address. 

Use in tandem with address MA. 

Effective dates must be entered and should coincide with the effective dates of MA.

TP Temporary Use for a temporary address for mailings when different than MA and when MA should remain unchanged. 

Often used for temporary summer addresses.  Used by the Commons for students spending the summer some place other than home or for applicants with a summer address for mailings before matriculating. Used by Human Resources for an on-leave address when MA primary address should remain unchanged. 

Use only when different than MA. 

Effective dates must be entered for proper use.

C1 Campus Campus office location – Physical location  - building and room.  (primarily for employees).
C2 Campus 2 Second campus office location – Physical location  - building and room.  (primarily for employees who have two jobs or offices on campus).
Student Records    
RH Resident Hall Student residential on-campus location – hall and dorm room.
MC Student Mail Box Student campus mailing address/box number.
OC Off-campus Address for students living off-campus when different from their home (parents') address.

 Use only when different than MA.

E9 e911 Location e911physical location tied directly to phone extension.
VO Vendor Order Used primarily by Finance offices.
VR Vendor Remit Used primarily by Finance offices.  Enter ONLY IF different thanVO.
VC Vendor Contact Used primarily by Finance offices.
FS FinanceStewardship Use to record a mailing address for stewardship purposes when different than MA.  For sending K1 and 1099 forms and other stewardship documents for donors, PIF and Charitable Gift Annuity participants.
Finance/Dean's Office    
F1 FRP 1 Financially responsible person. Tuition billing address when different than either parents' address. 
F2 FRP2 Second financially responsible person. Tuition billing address when different than either parents' address. 
GU Guardian Guardian's address, entered ONLY on Guardian Information form.
EM Emergency Emergency address when different than parents, entered ONLY on Emergency Contact Form.
Human Resources    
I1 Primary Insurance Primary Insurance Beneficiary address
I2 Contingent  Insurance Contingent Insurance Beneficiary address
SE Spouse Employment Spouse's employer address relating to insurance.  Used by HR only.
Admissions/Financial Aid    
HS High School High School address used by Admissions
PA Parent's address Parent's address  - used primarily for admissions and financial aid program.
External Affairs    
VA Vacation Home Use to record a vacation or seasonal home address not used for mailings.
AA Alternate Address To record other home addresses, not usually used for mailings.  Can also be used to note special mailing addresses used by UPS/FedEx when different from regular mailing addresses.
MG Matching Gift Company Use to record an address for sending matching gift forms to a business when it is different than MA or BU.
BI BI Required by Banner system, reserved.  Do not use.
XX TGRFEED Required by Banner system, reserved.  Do not use.


Appendix B: Sample addresses and formats by country

Sample addresses with proper postal code formatting and nation codes


The name of the nation is included only to show format, the correct nation code should be entered in the Nation field to bring in the nation name for printing.

Postal code position is shown in bold type only to emphasize position.


Mr. Mostepha Tandjul
5 Boulevard Salah Bouakouir
16000 Algiers
Algeria  DZA


Sr. Jose Perez
Montiel 113
5501 Godoy Cruz Mendoza
Argentina  ARG


Mr. J. B. Brownhall
264 High Street
Fawkner VIC 3060
Australia  AUS


HerrnFranz Huber
Beethovenstrasse 65
A-9020  Klagenfurt
Austria  AUT


Mr. S. M. Doja
61 Motijheel Comm/Int'l Export
Bangladesh  BGD


M. Emile Bubois
Rue Du Diamant 215
B-4800  Verviers
Belgium  BEL


Mr. John Doe
10 Tee Street
Devonshire DV03
Bermuda  BMU


Sr. Henrique Santos
Rua Xavier De Toledo 210
01051-250 S Paulo-SP
Brazil  BRA


Mr. Adnan Haji Ali
Ministry of Communications
Bandar Seri Begawan 1150
Brunei Darussalam  BRN


Mr. Stojan Ivanov
Rue V Droumev 58
1505 Sofia
Bulgaria  BGR

Canada (Use City and State fields)

Mr. John Dupont
150 Rue Nepean
Ottawa ON K2P 0B6
Canada  CAN


Mr. Yan Zheng
China Export Co. / PO Box 88
100804 Beijing
China  CHN


Mr. M. Paez
Carrera 111A 90 16/Distribltda
Bogota 1
Colombia  COL


Mr. Manuel Soto
Plaza De La Revolucion
Havana 6
Cuba  CUB

Czech Republic

Mr. Jan KeMr.
Olsanska 18
276 01  Melnik
Czech Republic  CZE


Mr. Thor Nielsen
Tietgensgade 137
DK-1152  Copenhagen
Denmark  DNK

Faroe Islands

Mr. John Doe
FR-100 Torshavn
Faroe Islands  FRO


Mr. Asko Teirilla
Runeberginkutu 26 A 1
SF-39140 Akoenmaa
Finland  FIN


Mr. Jean Page
13 Rue St Georges
FR-80100 Abbeville
France  FRA

Federal Republic Germany

Mr. Erich Muller
Goethestrasse 13
D-2000 Hamburg
Federal Republic Germany DEU


Mr. Michel Andreou
Deflon 20
GR-146 71 N Erythera
Greece  GRC


Mr. Wayne Waggoner
F-97126 Deshaies-Mediterrn Es
Guadeloupe  GLP


Ministry Of Posts
Post Office Box 100
1011 Bissau Codex
Guinea-Bissau  GNB


Nagy Sandor
Hermann Otto Ut 2
H-1022 Budapest
Hungary  HUN


Mr. Jon Jonsson
Einemel 80
IS-107 Reykjavik
Iceland  ISL


Mr. Ali Jerath
PO Box 11-56
Madras 600027
India  IND


Mrs. Iwan Lubis
21 Jenderal Sudirman
Jakarta 10220
Indonesia  IDN


Mr. Seyed Maleki Tabar
B P 112
14154 Teheran
Iran   IRN


Mr. John Smyth
123 O'Connell Street
Dublin 1
Ireland  IRL


Mr. Dan Tamir
2 Rue Ben Yehuda
94622 Jerusalem
Israel  ISR


Mr. N Zanichelli
Via Calabria 10/Italia Biblio
I-50121 Florence
Italy  ITA


Mrs Hiroko Kozuki
3-53-18-602 Wada
okyo 166
Japan  JPN

Republic Of Korea

Mr. Hong Kil-Dong
100 Sejongno Jongno-Gu
Seoul 110-050
Republic Of Korea  KOR


Mr. Abdullah Abdul Aziz
PO Box 1816
13019 Safat
Kuwait  KWT


Monsieur Jean Wagner
71 Route De Langwy
L-4750 Petange
Luxembourg  LUX


Mr. Ali Bin Mohn
112 Jalan Pudu
05003 Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia  MYS


Mr. Malik Rasheed
Marine Drive/Dept Of Posts
Male 20 02
Maldives  MDV


Mr. Gene C Smith
B P 1088 Cedex
F-97209 Fort-De-France
Martinique  MTQ


Mr. Jose Sandis
Avenida Madero 29/Apdo 79 Bis
06000 Mexico D F
Mexico  MEX


Mr. C D Solomi
15 Boulevard De Suisse
MC-98001 Monaco
France  FRA


Mr. L. Manandhar
15/665 Naxal Nagpokhari/Bagmati
Kathmandu 44603
Nepal  NPL


Mr. J. Lucassen
Corfwaterweg 4
NL-2160 SZ  Lisse
Netherlands  NLD 

New Zealand

Mr. S. L. Templeton
27 Waterloo Quay
New Zealand  NZL


Mr. Ole Olsen
Bergsmuget 19
N-3700 Skein
Norway  NOR


Mr. Antonio Batista
Apto Postal 3401
Panama City 1
Republic Of Panama  PAN


Mr. Rodrigo Lora
Ave Arecuipa 1390
Lima 1
Peru  PER


Mr. Juan De La Cruz
30 M H Del Pilar Street
3130 Pasig Rizal
Philippines  PHL


Mr. Jan Nowak
Ul Cicha 5 M 7
62-806 Kalisz
Poland  POL


Mrs. Rosalina Silva
Av Das A'guos Livres
P-7220 Portel
Portugal  PRT


Mr. Gheorghe Popesti
Bd Golescu Nr 38
R-3581 Chistag Bihor
Romania  ROM


Mr. Petrov Dropov
Hse 24/18
1 Smolensky Pereulok
308061 Moscow  RUS

Saudi Arabia

Mr. Samir Shahyn
PO Box 1100
Jeddah 21411
Saudi Arabia  SAU


Mrs. Adeline Chang
15/17 Kaki Bukit Road
Singapore 1441
Republic Of Singapore  SGP

South Africa

Mr. John Smith
PO Box 2211
Pretoria 0001
South Africa  ZAF


Mr. Santos Diaz
S Gervasio De Cassolas 96
08022 Barcelona
Spain  ESP

Sri Lanka

Mr. Vidyala Ratnam
94 Lavinia Road
Colombo 1
Sri Lanka  LKA


Mr. Sven Lilja
Vasavagen 3
S-582 20  Linkoping
Sweden  SWE


Mr. Andre Perret
Pension Mirabeau
CH-1874 Champery
Switzerland  CHE


Miss Mei-Le Chen
10 Alley 12 Lane 134/N Rd Sec 2
Chungkind Taipei 10741
Taiwan  TWN


Mrs. N. Santipongchai
267 Pracharaji Road
Bangkok 10100
Thailand  THA


Mr. Youssef Ketari
Avenue Farhat Hachet
1060 Tunis
Tunisia  TUN


Mr. Tarhan Kavas
469 Istklal Caddesi
TR-06101 Ankara
Turkey  TUR

United Kingdom

Mr. Walter C Brown
500 North Park
London NW1 5EA
United Kingdom  GBR


Mr. J Minano
Av Romulo Gallegos/Apdo 575
Caracas 1020
Venezuela    VEN


Mr. Nguyen Van Nam
Pac Bo/Moa An
C Lam VN-22494
Vietnam  VNM


Appendix C: References for Australia, Canada and Northern Ireland

Australian States/Territories

***Abbreviations and postal code ranges for these areas. These codes are usually included on the city field with the city name and postal code.


New South Wales -and- NSW  
Australian Capital Territory ACT 2000-2999(1000-1999*)
Northern Territory NT 0800-0899
Queensland QLD 4000-4999 (9000-9799*)
South Australia SA 5000-5999
Tasmania TAS 7000-7999
Victoria VIC 3000-3999 (8000-8999*)
Western Australia WA 6000-6999

*These numbers are allocated to private boxes at larger post offices. === Canadian Provinces & Territories ===

Alberta AB
British Columbia BC
Labrador LB
Manitoba MB
New Brunswick NB
Newfoundland NF
Northwest Territories NT
Nova Scotia NS
Nunavut NU
Ontario ON
Prince Edward Island PE
Quebec QC
Saskatchewan SK
Yukon YT


Counties and principal towns in Northern Ireland

Antrim Bainbridge Coleraine Cookstown
Ballymena Bangor Kilrea Dungannon
Belfast Downpatrick Limavady Moy
Carrickfergus Newcastle Londonderry Omagh
Larne Newtownards Magherafelt Strabane
Portrush   Portstewart  
Toomebridge FERMANAGH    
Whitehead Enniskillen ARMAGH  


Appendix D: Sorting Rules

Data in Banner sorts according to standard ORACLE database sorting rules. Below are the most frequently used characters listed in descending sort order.

Character Description

 blank  (space)

'  apostrophe (used in names such as O'Connell)

-  hyphen

0-9  numbers

@  at

A-Z  upper case letters

'  reverse apostrophe

a-z  lower case letters


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