McCardell Bicentennial Hall 220 Zoom Instructions


Select Zoom/PC on the touch panel.

Log into the podium PC and visit on any web browser.

Access your Zoom account using the "SSO" option under the Username and Password fields on the Zoom login page; on the SSO login window, enter "middlebury" in lower case letters and hit Enter.

On the web portal, start or join a meeting from your account.  

The podium PC will download the Zoom desktop app for you, and then launch the meeting.

If the meeting does not automatically convene, then select "Downloads" from the options at the top right of the browser window, and Zoom desktop application will open and connect to the meeting.

Once you are in the Zoom meeting on the Podium PC, adjust settings to get the most of out the camera:

-Open "video settings" on the pop-up menu by the camera icon in the Zoom window

-Check "HD" ON

-Check "mirror my video" OFF

The installed wall camera at the back of the room will provide the video for Zoom; use the zoom in (plus sign) button, zoom out (minus sign) button, and directional arrow buttons at the podium to adjust the camera angle.

The handheld, podium and wireless lavalier microphones will send their sound to Zoom.

On the touch panel under the PC ZOOM input, select AUTO TRACKING ON to have the camera follow the most active figure in its view around the room; select AUTO TRACKING OFF to manually adjust the angle without it following the most active figure in its view.

A note on Auto Tracking: This sensitive technology will track the most active figure in its field of view, irrespective of who is speaking or how far zoomed in you have the angle.  To make Auto Tracking work best, exclude extraneous motion by non-speakers from the front rows by the podium.

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