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The searchable Course Catalog at provides full-text searching of course descriptions, course favorites, and a schedule-planning tool.

Schedule Planner

The Course Catalog includes a course schedule planning tool to help students discover courses and arrange selections of them that avoid timing conflicts.

Schedule view screen shot.

When browsing the online catalog at go/catalog you can log in and save courses that you find interesting. Look for “Save” links to the top-right of course descriptions. Courses can be saved either from the search view or from the detail views linked-to from department course listings.

Screen shot showing save favorite control as a star next to course sections.

This screen-cast gives an overview of the Schedule-Planner and how to use it:

Notable features:

  • Save courses at any time as you come across interesting ones.
  • Create one or more schedules for a term to see how different course selections might fit together.
  • Ensures that discussion and lab sections are considered.
  • Time-conflicts are highlighted.
  • Schedules can be emailed to an adviser or anyone else.
  • Schedules can be printed to aid in finding classrooms.

Please note that this tool is designed as a planning and advising aid — it does not register you for classes. Also, it does not have access to individual student records and hence does not check that prerequisites have been met.

Try it out at go/catalog.

Data Feeds

The searchable course catalog provides data feeds of courses for faculty profiles, department websites, the Course Hub, and other parts of Middlebury's web presence.

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The online course catalog at provides full-text and faceted search of Middlebury courses. Students can browse courses, mark them as favorites, and compile these favorites into schedules that can be shared with their advisor. Additionally, this service provides automated, printable exports of the catalog.