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Documentation on services providing instructional technology and resources directly supporting teaching
and learning. Includes learning management systems, instructional technology and
design, assessment and learning analytics, lecture capture, and polling and surveys.

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Activating the DesignPLUS Tool

How to activate the DesignPLUS tool in Canvas


BreadWeb is a network for teachers connected to the Bread Loaf School of English.

Canvas: “I can’t see my Canvas site”

Basic triage steps to determine why an instructor or student cannot see a Canvas site.

Canvas: Adding People to an Active Site

FERPA regulations apply when adding individuals to a course where they can see student information. Make sure you only add people to your course who have “an educational need to know.” You can learn more about FERPA here. Questions about FERPA can be directed to the Registrar.

Canvas: Changing Access Dates for Course Sites

A Canvas site is accessible according to the academic term course dates set by the Registrar. The course end date is typically set to the final day of classes plus thirty days for grading. Instructors can change this for active courses where the current students may need access to the site beyond the course end date.

Canvas: Guidance for Managing Students with Incompletes

Guidance for instructors who need to manage access for one or more student to a Canvas site because they have been issued a grade of Incomplete or need to finish coursework beyond the course end date. As part of the process for granting an Incomplete and allowing a student to submit late course work on Canvas, an instructor or Canvas administrator will extend access to a course Canvas site beyond the academic term date.

Canvas: Sharing Site Content as an Archive or an ePub

As an instructor, there are times when you may need or want to share access to a Canvas site. someone to be able to see how you structure your course or you want to share the content for other reasons, you have two options. If you want to keep things in Canvas, then you’ll want to request an archive copy of your site. You may prefer to export your course in ePub format if your goal is less about the Canvas experience, request and ARCHIVE Canvas site and copy your content.

Canvas: Site Access for Faculty Reviews

Faculty up for contract renewal, promotion, or tenure review may need to share online curricular materials with the review committee.

Course Catalog

The searchable Course Catalog at https://catalog.middlebury.edu/ provides full-text searching of course descriptions, course favorites, and a schedule-planning tool.

Course Hub

The Course Hub is the starting point for managing and accessing digital resources for courses. When an instructor or student logs into the Course Hub with a Middlebury username and password they will see a list of courses organized by academic term. Each course is listed with basic information including course title, description, instructor, schedule and location. Some course hub sites may also contain links to other resources.

CourseHub name pronunciation

The CourseHub's name pronunciation feature allows both students and instructors to add extra profile information, including a name pronunciation recording and phonetic spelling of their name.


MiddCreate is a space on the web where students, faculty, and staff can explore and connect their learning, experiment with digital tools for teaching and learning, and create a digital identity that is owned and managed by them, to take with them when they leave Middlebury

Panopto Basics

Panopto is Middlebury's main video hosting and creation option. It is integrated with Course Hub and Canvas.


Information on Qualtrics, Middlebury's supported survey software.

Sharing a Panopto Folder Between Courses and Instructors

How to connect Panopto folders between different courses and instructors using Course Hub.

Taking Your ArcGIS Content With You If You Leave Middlebury

You can use the ArcGIS Online Assistant tool to copy certain content over to your Middlebury account. If you (or a student) are leaving Middlebury and want to transfer your content to either a personal account or to another ArcGIS Online organization, ArcGIS Online Assistant can help you do that.

Course Catalog Administration

Information for troubleshooting data feeds for the course catalog.

Getting your syllabus into doc/docx format

How to get doc/docx files from a variety of authoring tools.