Projecting with a Poly Touch Panel over AirPlay

In this Zoom Room, control all AV system operations on the touch panel at either end of the tables.

Wireless AirPlay projection is available through AppleTV with Mac products only.

Select "Room Control" along the left margin of the touch panel, then next to "Turn System On/Off" select "On".

In "Room Control", select "Apple TV".

Select "Home" and then "Share Content" to display the Apple TV home screen.

Finally, on your Mac, open System Preferences (or System Settings on macOS Ventura) > Displays > Click on the drop-down menu next to "Add Display", and choose the AppleTV that is named after the room you are in.  A 4-digit number will appear on the projection screen; type it into your computer.

Once the code has been entered, your Mac's display will appear on the projection screen.

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