Application Control

Middlebury College ITS makes use of our Endpoint Detection and Response tool Sophos to prevent certain applications from being run. These applications are blocked due to security concerns and their potential impact on our community. These decisions are made by our Information Security team, with input and guidance from industry experts such as the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. 

If you have an operational requirement to run an application that is being blocked, please reach out to the Helpdesk at 802-443-2200 or via email at 

Software Currently Blocked

Remote Access Software

All applications other than Microsoft Remote Desktop and Splashtop.

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Torrent/P2P File Sharing Clients

Torrent/P2P file sharing clients are often in use for piracy and copyright infringement. As stated above, if you have an operational need to utilize one of these applications, please reach out to the Helpdesk and your device can be added to an exemption policy.

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