Technology Checklist for Visiting Speakers

This article contains helpful information for visiting speakers who intend to use technology in a presentation, such as showing a film or using a PowerPoint, so your presentation will go smoothly.  (You don’t need to read further if you do not plan to use technology.)

Before Your Visit

Please share the needs and itinerary of your presentation with your Middlebury coordinator. 

If you are showing a PowerPoint presentation Middlebury College encourages you to bring your own laptop. Doing so bypasses a number of common issues where images, fonts, movies, etc., fail to display properly.  There are many spaces across campus that have a desktop computer on the podium to use a flash drive, but not all. If you really prefer to bring a flash drive, contact your Middlebury coordinator to find out if the space has a podium computer.

Using your laptop

All of our smart classrooms have an HDMI, and many spaces have AppleTV or USB-C, to connect the computer to the projector. If you have a Mac then you will need to bring an appropriate adapter. Every smart classroom has documentation on how to use the equipment, connect your computer to project, and troubleshoot if there are any problems. Our technical staff cannot be responsible for problems with your presentation when you bring your own laptop.

Also, when using a PowerPoint presentation, please use a large print font of at least 18 points.

Video Presentations

If you are showing a video, all spaces have a Multi-Region Blu-ray player.

Audio Reinforcement

Some of the spaces across campus have sound systems so you can use a microphone to be heard well throughout the room. Most of our classrooms do not have sound systems but that is because the room is small enough to not need it. We have several types of microphones available. A Lapel microphone clips to the front of your shirt just below your chin; this is usually given to the person giving the presentation. It gives you the freedom to move and walk around if needed. We also have wireless hand-held microphones; these are usually passed around for Q&A. Many spaces also have microphones on the podium/lectern. These work just as well but do not give you the freedom to move around.

When you arrive at Middlebury

When you arrive on campus it will be important for you to get here early. This way you can schedule a time to go into the space and make sure that everything is going to work properly with your presentation. If something is not working properly then it will give Media Services time to correct the problem or find you another space.

If your presentation is being recorded

  • If this presentation is going to be recorded you will need to fill out and submit a recording consent form. Your Middlebury coordinator will email you the link for this form. We will need to receive this at least 3 business days before the presentation or we will not be able to do the recording. 
  • Please remember to repeat questions posed by people in the audience before responding to the question so we can hear the question on the camera and so everyone in the audience can hear it.
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