Bread Loaf Barn Main Room

Bread Loaf Barn A/V System Guide


-Power on the system with the Press to Begin button on the touch panel and adjust the sound with the volume controls along its right margin.  Please power down the system with the power button at the bottom left of the touch panel when you are done.


-Project your laptop with one of the cables at either the podium rack or by the projection screen and select your input on the touch panel: HDMI/USB-C Near Screen, HDMI Rack, or Rack USB-C.


-Project the installed PC by turning on the monitor on top of the rack, waking up the PC with the keyboard or mouse, logging in with MIDD credentials, and selecting PC/Zoom on the touch panel.


-Operate Zoom on the Podium PC by visiting on any web browser, then logging in via the SSO feature.  Fill the pop-up window in with “middlebury” in lower case letters…


JOIN A MEETING or HOST A MEETING from the webpage, and the PC will automatically download the Zoom desktop application.  Select the Zoom app from downloads in the browser window…


…The PC will begin your meeting using the wall-mounted cameras and wireless microphones for video and sound. Select Front Camera or Rear Camera on the touch panel to switch cameras.


-Project your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone wirelessly by selecting AirPlay to the Apple TV.  Open Screen Mirroring options in your Apple device’s Settings, select “BLGREATBARN” from the list, and type in the four-numeral code that appears on the projection screen.


-Play a DVD or Blu-ray: load the disc using the touch panel button array or the remote control, selecting the Bluray input on the touch panel, then navigate and play the disc.


-Use the sound system only without turning on the projector: when the system is off, select Press Here at the top right of the touch panel so the button turns a lighter tone, then connect to either the wired headphone cable at the rack and select the 3.5 button, or select the Bluetooth connection...  


…To pair with the Bluetooth wireless feature, find the little box at the very top of the A/V rack in the podium with a Bluetooth icon on the front, and hold that down until you hear the word “pairing”.  On your device’s list of Bluetooth options, select Avantree Oasis Select II, wait a moment until it displays “connected” under that option, and play audio wirelessly.


For full system details and troubleshooting, visit Go/ClassroomGuides


For remote support or emergency maintenance, 

please call 802-443-2200 [Mon - Fri, 8:15 AM - 5:00 PM]


For direct A/V support at Bread Loaf campus, please email at least five business days before your event.

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