How to Access Secure Storage on Sharepoint Online with a Mac Device

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This article explains how to connect Middlebury-owned and managed MacOS devices to Secure Storage hosted on Sharepoint.

How to Set Up Conditional Access on MacOS

  1. Install Microsoft Edge.
  2. After Edge has installed, make sure you open it up. If this isn't done you may need to rerun from steps 11 on. 
  3. Change your default browser to Edge.
    • Go into System Settings then search Default Browser.

MacOS Settings Menu

  1. Click on Default Web Browser then change the default web browser to Microsoft Edge.

Default Browser Setting

  1. Open the Self Service app via Finder or Spotlight.

Spotlight Search Menu

  1. Search for Microsoft Endpoint Management.

Self Service Application

  1. Click the Secure Mac button twice -- it will appear two separate times.
  2. When the Company Portal app comes up, close the window by hitting the red X at left.

Company Portal Application

  1. A new window will appear that says – Registration with Intune Failed – Click the OK button.

Error Screen - Intune Failed

  1. Go back to Self Service and search for Microsoft Endpoint Management.
  2. Click Microsoft endpoint mangement - re – register to select it.

Second Time Accessing Self Service

  1. Click the SecureMac button.
  2. This will open the Company Portal app automatically. This time, click the Sign in button.

Company Portal - Sign in

  1. Type your email address -- or click to select it from the account list. Click Continue.
  2. Provide your password if prompted.
  3. Complete Multi-Factor Authentication, if prompted.
  4. When the "You're all set" screen appears, click Done.

You're all Set!

  1. A Window saying “Jamf Conditional Access” Wants to Use "" to Sign In will appear.  Click Continue.

Edge Wants to open a page.

  1. An Edge browser window will open asking for your password; provide it.
  2. When the Select a certificate for authentication screen appears, click OK to close the window and continue.

Certificate Selection

  1. Once this process is complete, open the Company Portal app then click Sign in.
  2. The following text should appear at the bottom of the window:  This device is managed by Jamf. Go to Self Service to perform actions and install apps. This means that secure storage and conditional access has been set up on your system.

Additional Notes

  • You do not need to keep Microsoft Edge as your default browser once the above setup steps are complete. 
  • You do, however, need to use Microsoft Edge when using Sharepoint storage in order for it to work properly.
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